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Motorola partnership with ETC

ETC offers the VCC-3 – a USB Dispatch Console that integrates seamlessly with WAVE software

VCC-3 vcc3Essential Trading Systems Corp (ETC) has over ten (10) years selling the Twisted Pair WAVE dispatch solution and has created a multitude of useful USB consoles to improve the user experience. Now that Motorola Solutions has acquired Twisted Pair, Essential Trading Systems (ETC) is now working with Motorola on a global basis to enhance the user experience with WAVE Dispatch Software, by offering the VCC-3 which is a USB Dispatch Console that integrates seamlessly with WAVE software. The VCC-3 USB Dispatch Console includes inputs/outputs for a PTT Foot pedal, PTT belt pack for a headset, PTT handset, PTT microphone and stereo speakers. Motorola sales people are thrilled that there is a purpose built device that is uniquely designed to enhance the WAVE experience. The Motorola WAVE product is an advanced software application that compliments the Motorola Solutions product suite. Essential Trading Systems is well suited to provide ongoing support to the Motorola Solutions sales teams as they work to get the WAVE systems deployed throughout the world.

Simple Hoot n Holler

This year in 2016 marks 30 years of inventing Hoot n Holler products for the Financial Services vertical market.

Over the years, Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) has honed their product suite to include VoIP Hoot n Holler systems that can be installed in virtually any WAN or LAN environment. The “Simple Hoot n Holler” that Essential Trading Systems (ETC) is extremely affordable and only requires 2 components.   First is the VG-500 Unicast to Multicast gateway. This VG-500 is a reliable, secure and very versatile product and can be set to as a Unicast Bridge or a Unicast to Multicast gateway. VG-500 creates a tunnel over any Public or Private network and is a very appealing product to many Network Administrators for passing VoIP over the WAN. The second component to the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system is the CS-64 which is a 4-channel Multicast Microphone. The CS-64 Multicast Microphone uses industry standards so it is capable of subscribing to (4) simultaneous multicast addresses and ports that are generated by an Ethernet switch. With the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system now installed throughout the world with great success, Essential Trading Systems has confidence that this product set will become the new standard for Hoot n Holler for back office or remote users.


Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) has been working closely with BearCom, the largest Motorola Solutions dealer in the Unites States, to bundle the VCC-3 USB Dispatch Console with the Motorola WAVE software. Recently, Essential Trading Systems (ETC) integrated the VCC-3 with a Motorola WAVE implementation and they users were thrilled with the ease of use and features that the VCC-3 USB Dispatch Console had to offer.

Hilltop Securities

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) wins the bid over incumbent vendor at Southwest Securities to install their “Simple Hoot n Holler” on a nationwide basis for Hilltop Securities which is the new entity formed from a merger between First Southwest Securities and First Southwest Securities. Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) provided all of the design and integration work to bridge the 2 disparate Hoot n Holler networks together which provided a smooth transition path for Hilltop Securities to be able to deploy the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system using their own technical staff. Today, Hilltop Securities enjoys the benefit of (4) channels of Hoot n Holler using the most affordable and advanced VoIP technology available on the market today.

IP Trade

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) confirms interoperability with the IP Trade turret which is distributed on a global basis by Cisco Systems into several vertical markets including Financial Services, Power Generation and Emergency Response. The IP Trade Turret system is designed to work using a Cisco IP Telephony infrastructure and adds to that a robust set of features which cater to heavy user such as Financial Traders or a Dispatch Operators. The CS-64 integrates to this system using Multicast VoIP/RoIP to allow users who do not have a requirement for a Turret/Console to have affordable and easy to use access to up to (4) Hoot n Holler or Radio Channels.


Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) has teamed up with PanOptic Technology to offer an End to End VoIP platform for SIP Private Wires. PanOptic Technology who operates out of the UK has invented solution for distributing SIP private wires over a Public or Private Network. This private wire service terminates on either a SIP to CAS T-1/E1 gateway to provide private wires to a legacy turret system or natively to the CS-74 SIP Private Wire Console).