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Hilltop Securities

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) wins the bid over incumbent vendor at Southwest Securities to install their “Simple Hoot n Holler” on a nationwide basis for Hilltop Securities which is the new entity formed from a merger between First Southwest Securities and First Southwest Securities. Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) provided all of the design and integration work to bridge the 2 disparate Hoot n Holler networks together which provided a smooth transition path for Hilltop Securities to be able to deploy the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system using their own technical staff. Today, Hilltop Securities enjoys the benefit of (4) channels of Hoot n Holler using the most affordable and advanced VoIP technology available on the market today.

IP Trade

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) confirms interoperability with the IP Trade turret which is distributed on a global basis by Cisco Systems into several vertical markets including Financial Services, Power Generation and Emergency Response. The IP Trade Turret system is designed to work using a Cisco IP Telephony infrastructure and adds to that a robust set of features which cater to heavy user such as Financial Traders or a Dispatch Operators. The CS-64 integrates to this system using Multicast VoIP/RoIP to allow users who do not have a requirement for a Turret/Console to have affordable and easy to use access to up to (4) Hoot n Holler or Radio Channels.


Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) has teamed up with PanOptic Technology to offer an End to End VoIP platform for SIP Private Wires. PanOptic Technology who operates out of the UK has invented solution for distributing SIP private wires over a Public or Private Network. This private wire service terminates on either a SIP to CAS T-1/E1 gateway to provide private wires to a legacy turret system or natively to the CS-74 SIP Private Wire Console).

Desktop SIP Audio Device is here!

SIP Environment Solutions

The VS-71 is capable of transmitting on one channel and receiving on one channel of audio. Fast paced traders can use the VS-71 when an expensive turret is not cost effective and Dispatchers can use the VS-71 as a “Mini Radio Over” Base Station.

The exclusive design enables the VS-71 to be virtually “dropped in” to any standards based SIP environment with no specialized or proprietary peripherals. The device is configured via standard web browser or a management & discovery utility and is designed to be powered via standard ethernet connection or an optional 5VDC local power supply for chanel espadrilles.

More about the VS-71


Need Real Time Receive Only Capability?

The VS-7 designed specifically for multiple Hoot over IP audio streaming channels

The exclusive design enables the VS-7 to be virtually “dropped in” to any standards based SIP environment with no specialized or proprietary peripherals. The VS-7 is designed to be powered via standard ethernet connection. If power is not provided by the ethernet connection, an optional 5VDC local power supply may be used.



SIP Intercom Desk Station

ETC’s VS-71 SIP Intercom Desk Station makes setting up an intercom environment easy and affordable.  The VS-71 SIP Intercom works seamlessly with any Asterisk or equivalent SIP Bridge and can be set up globally or locally with NO proprietary gateway hardware.  VS-71’s exclusive design allows the users to transmit and receive to one or hundreds of users with the touch of a single button.


New SIP Product

VS-71 Front LeftPush to Talk Desk Station

ETC has developed the first ever SIP Push to Talk Desk Station!! Our Push to Talk Desk Station connects to any SIP server over any WAN (Wide Area Network). Your own personal broadcast system with immediate connectivity.

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