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CS Accessories


Mono Headset

The HW251N mono, noise cancelling headset by Plantronics™ allows an end user to seamlessly converse with respective parties while monitoring other situations.  Use of the HW251 with CS Series products require optional adapter cables depending on user applications.


TH-3 Handset

The TH-3 Handset is a rugged “G” style handset with removable coil cord which connects to a CS series product by means of a 6-wire RJ25 connection on the back.  The handset allows a user to take advantage a new feature of the CS Series Product called “privacy” which provides the ability to select a single channel on a CS series product for a “private conversation.



The FP-115 foot switch allows users the flexibility of hands free PTT capability of the CS series product line.  Can be used alone or with a Plantronics™ HW251N headset.  Additional accessory cables are required for connecting the foot switch to the CS Series product.


Mono PTT Belt Pack

The 2318 Mono PTT belt pack is designed to allow user a degree of mobility when utilizing any of the CS Series product line.  The belt pack is out fitted with a flexible coil cord for connection to the popular Plantronics™ HW251N, noise canceling mono headset.  The belt pack connects to the CS series by means of a 6-wire, RJ-25 connector on the back of the unit.  Configuring options in the CS series may be required for use.



The CDA-FPHW251 adapter cable allows simultaneous connection / use of the FP-115 foot switch and the Plantronics™ HW251N mono headset with the CS Series product when the belt pack is not desired.