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ETC Provides Boston Insurance Company an Unique VoIP Solution

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) is a Specialized VoIP Communications Manufacture located in Colchester Connecticut and provides solutions to companies around the world.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company of Boston Massachusetts, the fourth largest Property Casualty Company in the United States, needed the ability to distribute up to four channels of TV Audio to its individual Trader positions throughout their Trading floor.

The Traders on the Floor needed to be able to not only hear the audio portion of the Television Broadcast that they were seeing on the Trade Floor TV monitors, but also individually adjust their own speaker’s TV receive volume.

Mr. Martin Calverly of ACT Associates LLC* in Storrs Connecticut selected ETC’s CS-64R VoIP solution because it checked all the boxes.  The customer would not tolerate audio Latency or delay that is normally the case when VoIP equipment is used to distribute audio.  ETC’s unique architecture insures that the distributed audio is 50ms or less, thus when someone speaks on the TV, the audio is apparently instantaneous to the listener and sounds normal.

Here’s how they set things up:

ACT Associates LLC selected HB Communications Inc.** of North Haven Connecticut one of Americas largest Audio Visual Contractors to install 34 of ETC’s CS-64R, which are four-channel VoIP Desktop receive only Speaker Stations, to provide the TV Audio to the Trader’s desk. Next, HB installed one of ETC’s CG-804, a four-channel Analog to Multicast Gateway.  The VG-804 converts the analog output of the individual TV monitors to four channels of VoIP.

Once the CG-804 was connected to the LAN, the CS-64R mini-Consoles were able to receive the four TV audio channels. If expansion is ever needed or additional points of access are required, the company need only add more CS-64R mini-Consoles.


*ACT Associates LLC located in Storrs Connecticut is an independent practice providing professional services and a fresh approach to audio visual and video conferencing consultancy.

** HB Communications Inc. of North Haven Connecticut is one of Americas largest Audio Visual Contractors. HB designs, builds, and supports audiovisual communication environments that power the ideas of people around the world.