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ETC Provides Power Company Unique VolP Solution

Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) is a Specialized VoIP Communications Manufacture located in Colchester Connecticut and provides solutions to companies around the world.

Union Power Cooperative of North Carolina, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative subsidiary, needed to enhance its backup communications support in its Network Operations Center (NOC) at its main facility in Monroe, NC using the existing Local Area Network (LAN) of the facility and the existing Radio Control Points located in another building.

The NOC needed backup communication control to remotely access the two Radio Control Stations that are located in another building on the Facilities campus. Mr. Dave Walton, General Manager of Mobile Communications America determined that the ETC VoIP solution would provide the flexibility and backup control that Union Power was looking for.

Here’s how they set things up:

Mobile Communications America* installed Two ETC CS-64 mini-LMR-Consoles, which are four-channel VoIP Desktop Microphone/Speaker Stations, to provide Land Mobile Radio connectivity over the internet. Next, they installed ETC’s CG-804, a four-channel Analog to Multicast Gateway, which converts the analog output of the radio to IP. This was installed adjacent and interconnected to the two existing Radio Control Stations.

Once the CG-804 was connected to the radios and LAN, the CS-64 mini-LMR-Consoles were able to transmit and receive over the two radio channels. The Ethernet connected system allows the NOC to act as a backup control point when needed.  If expansion is ever needed or additional points of access are required, the company need only add more CS-64 mini-LMR-Consoles.


*Mobile Communications America is the leading Motorola Communications Provider in the South East with 33 locations providing a full range of communication services.