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ETC Salutes the United States Air Force (USAF)––this time at Altus AFB

One of the unique features of the VCC-3 Console is its Stereo output

VCC-3 USB Command Dispatch Consoles were utilized at Altus AFB which is located in Altus Oklahoma.  The VCC-3s were installed to assist the Wave Console operators in operating their dispatch system.  One of the unique features of the VCC-3 Console is its Stereo output.  Whether the audio signal is routed to the two desk top speakers or to a stereo headset, the operator has a choice.  Each channel receive audio volume which can be individually adjusted in either the headset or speakers.  The left channel is for Monitor of a non-working radio channel and the right channel is the Working channel.  Each channel has its own LED indicator that flashes on receive activity and intensity.  When wearing a headset, the last thing a user wants is to have to remove it, just to take a telephone call.  ETC solves this problem with push of a button.  When the [Phone] key is pushed the POTs phone handset is routed to the user’s headset.  VCC-3s are slowly gathering acceptance in the Console world because of the flexibility they provide the Console Operator.  Altus is the training command for the Strategic Airlift employing C-5s, C-17s transport aircraft and the KC-135 air refueling aircraft.