Veteran Owned Small Business

Simple Hoot n Holler

This year in 2016 marks 30 years of inventing Hoot n Holler products for the Financial Services vertical market.

Over the years, Essential Trading Systems Corp. (ETC) has honed their product suite to include VoIP Hoot n Holler systems that can be installed in virtually any WAN or LAN environment. The “Simple Hoot n Holler” that Essential Trading Systems (ETC) is extremely affordable and only requires 2 components.   First is the VG-500 Unicast to Multicast gateway. This VG-500 is a reliable, secure and very versatile product and can be set to as a Unicast Bridge or a Unicast to Multicast gateway. VG-500 creates a tunnel over any Public or Private network and is a very appealing product to many Network Administrators for passing VoIP over the WAN. The second component to the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system is the CS-64 which is a 4-channel Multicast Microphone. The CS-64 Multicast Microphone uses industry standards so it is capable of subscribing to (4) simultaneous multicast addresses and ports that are generated by an Ethernet switch. With the “Simple Hoot n Holler” system now installed throughout the world with great success, Essential Trading Systems has confidence that this product set will become the new standard for Hoot n Holler for back office or remote users.