Veteran Owned Small Business

Support and Services

Global Installation and Day 2 Support

ETC provides a one vendor solution for simple Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’s) for all facets of the telecommunications field.  Most clients desire a Single Point of Contact in order to simplify the process of performing IT support for their branches.

ETC’s Customer Support Analysts are thoroughly trained in all aspects of support and Project Management and are capable of handling any kind of request, regardless of the size of the job. ETC exceeds the national standard by offering an on-site technical service team within 24 to 48 hours from the initial request.  Requests can be received via email to our Support Team or by calling into headquarters and requesting a dispatch.  Our clients are provided with an estimated onsite arrival time and a ticket number for tracking. They are informed of the technicians’ arrival and departure from the office as well as the outcome of the job. All this is accomplished with just one call/email to ETC.

ETC has technical resources in most NFL cities and outlying areas. Give us a call to explore how we can assist with your remote IT needs.

Custom Product Design/OEM/Private Label

ETC has extensive knowledge in analog audio electronics and is able to manufacture a diverse array of communications products to suit customer requests in a short time frame. ETC provides prototypes and finished goods for custom applications.  Moreover, ETC is willing to take their “off-the-shelf” products and private Label them for 3rd party use.

Motorola Solutions

ETC has been a systems integrator of the WAVE product for almost 10 years having designed, implemented & supported numerous systems in various applications. In addition ETC has produced several complimenting products in an effort to improve the end user and system administrator experience.